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Vision & Values

White Paper
  • We value everybody who works with us, and we encourage everyone to contribute to our activities.  

  • We believe in life-long learning and development.

  • We are committed to openness and trust in all of our relationships.

  • We also believe in recognising and rewarding our staff, associates and volunteers.

  • We celebrate diversity and work inclusively.

  • We encourage and nurture ambition, independence and respect.

Our vision is to co-produce a whole range of opportunities! Who are our co-producers? First and foremost our core team is made up of young carers and the staff here at YCA, the bigger team include collaborators who join us on projects and work alongside us. All of us work towards the vision of having and sustaining wellbeing that helps us to be our ‘best selves'.

All of our work is centred on wellbeing, we believe that if we can find ways to stay well, whatever the circumstances, then our life chances improve too.

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