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What we do

Breaking Barriers, Opening Doors, Being our Best Selves

The Young Carers Academy inspires action and supports Young Carers and Young Adult Carers. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power that Young Carers hold, and we work hard to ease the burdens and barriers they may face in life. 

Learn more about what we do below.


What we do

Being your best self

Young Carers are a key part of our team, and as team members, it means we all play an integral role in the design of our programmes – including the way we want them to look, the way they’re delivered and the direction we take them in.


The Forest

This idea stemmed from one of our innovative ‘big conversations’ with Young Carers where we simply asked ourselves, “What could we do that would help us to be our best selves?

From that simple question, we all came to the conclusion that we’d really like to spend more time outside – amidst the trees and the rivers, the stars and the seas. From camping, learning how to make a campfire, being able to name some of the beautiful trees and plants that surround us to foraging and exploration, The Forest programme aims to encapsulate all these wonderful activities as a way to both enjoy nature and look after our wellbeing.

We’re currently working with Young Carers across Wales as well as various organisations who are helping us make this project a reality!